you know that Morracon/argon oil thing you use for your hair? well what does it do and how much would it be?

:) I use it on about from where my ear is to the very ends of my hair. It locks in moisture, if you have frizz in your hair it takes that away, it adds  shine and takes away any dullness, and it smells AMAZING! Also it is very light-weight and doesn’t make my hair feel oily or really even like I have a ton of product in or anything. I got mine from target for about $8. which may seem pretty pricey but the bottle will seriously last you for like a year since you don’t need much product when you use it. I use like a dime sized drop when my hair is damp

Beauty Tips and Rules I live by <3 :)


I will be adding to this / updating it whenever I change new products or discover new tips && tricks ! 

**Disclaimer: These are tips that I live by, they work for me and hopefully they will work for you too. I am not saying that they will 100% work for you as everyone is different, but there are a few more disclaimers through-out this post describing my skin and hair types and if we have similar it then these tips will most likely help you as well <3**


Don’t wash your hair every day. It strips your hair of its natural oils and also makes hair more greasy and dirty a lot faster. If you have a problem with oily hair„ this might actually be why.. just start slow.. try to go two days and then try to push 3. I used to have really really oily hair in middle school and the beginning of high school, I stopped washing my hair every day and now I can even go 5 or 6 days before my hair feels or looks dirty and its never very oily. :) <3

 I  generally go about every 3 days before the next wash and it goes something like this, down and straight, down and curled or waved, UP, wash and repeat :)

Always use a heat tamer or heat protectant spray before you use ANY heat on your hair. 

Also, re-spray when using new heat. Example: Spray before blow drying, then spray again before curling or straightening.

Comb when wet, brush when dry. <3

Use a deep conditioner atleast once a week and use leave in conditioner EVERYTIME you wash your hair.

MY HOLY GRAIL HAIR PRODUCTS: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, Aussie Hair Insurance leave-in conditioner, TREsemme thermal creations heat tamer spray && Organix  Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil 

**Disclaimer: My hair is not fine or thick, its normal and mostly straight except my bangs get pretty wavy, I don’t have frizzy hair most of the time. My major problem is breakage and split ends due to how often I used to dye my hair and I was NEVER protecting it from heat or giving it enough moisture. However I have no split ends or breakage now && I have been using these tips and products for over 6 months :) **


I only wash my face once a day.

NEVER exfoliate more than twice a week. It will damage your skin severely and cause it to create a TON of oils to try to protect the brand new skin. Twice a week gets rid of dead dry skin. Any more than that and you are scratching off new skin.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS moisturize your face, I can’t stress this enough. Basically saved my skin. If you have oily skin like I do in places, use a very light moisturizer. 

Use a toner/astringent! They are mostly alcohol based products that easily remove grease and oil from your skin and tighten down the pores so that no more junk can enter and give you yuckys on your face! You use this after you wash and before you moisturize, It helps a lot with blackheads and large pores and prevents pimples from popping up.

NEVER sleep in your make-up! EVER! 

I use Elf Make-up removing wipes first then wash my face with a face wash. 

Best advice? Try not to touch your face during the day. Your hands carry bacteria which causes ance.. so just don’t do it!

HOLY GRAIL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser; Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent for Sensitive Skin;  Proactive Green Tea Moisturizer;  && Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Oil Free Purifying Cleanser. <3

**Disclaimer: I have mild to moderate acne with combination skin(dry in some places, oily in others) . I in no way shape or form have bad acne. This is just what has worked for my skin and keeps me pretty blemish free with the exception of an occasional zit**


Always deep clean your brushes in between each use. DEEP clean once a week. Bacteria gets in your brushes even when not in use so to avoid breakouts cleaning them once a week is best!

Never tug or pull on your eyes! Even when doing eyeliner.. It causes pre-mature wrinkles.


I take 500 MG Evening Primrose Oil once every night before I go to sleep. 

It has helped a ton! It helps my hair and nails grow, clears up my face, speeds up my metabolism, and helps with cramps and such when its ” that time of the month”.


You can purchase it at a GNC, other health food stores, or online at :)